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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 9, 2011 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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remembering betty ford. the former first lady leaves behind a powerful legacy. we look at her life and how talking about her troubles proved an inspiration to millions. talking about a tragedy, the baseball player involved in the the fan's deadly fall reflects on the incident. casey anthony walks free next weekend. what can he she expect when she gets out of jail, and why was her mother turned away when she came to see casey. the royal couple in america. william and death hit the west coast. what kind of reception are they getting after being tated like rock stars in canada. good morning i'm alex witt welcome to msnbc saturday. we start with a former first lady who lived life out loud sharing her triumphs, tragedies
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and personal struggles with this nation and the world. betty ford has died at the age of 93. the wife of president gerald ford said she liked challenges and she certainly faced a number of them during her years in public life. here's nbc's bruce hall with more. >> elizabeth bloomer ford, better known as betty never expected to be first lady. >> i gerald r. ford do solemnly swear -- >> betty ford was thrust in the spotlight after water great. and she saw the job as an inner challenge. >> the event that probably had the biggest impact on my life was the day my husband took the oath of office as president of the united states. >> she married gerald ford in 1948 and began her life as the wife of a politician and mother and housewife. >> i like my career as a housewife and a mother. i think my life has been much fuller and much broader. and i'm happier than i would have been in what is somewhat a
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their owe life that you have to give up everything to become a professional. >> as first lady ford was vocal speaking out in support of women's rights. when faced with breast cancer in 1974 she spoke openly about the disease and her mastectomy. two topics not discussed in public in those days. ford also spoke openly about her battles with alcohol and drug and established the betty ford treatment center. once out of washington, mrs. ford rarely stepped back into the political spotlight making only a few public appearances with other former presidents and their wives. but she remained active in the causes close to her heart. bruce hall, nbc news. >> betty ford's family is traveling to california to organize services for the former first lady. as politicians and other public figures react to the the news of her death. we're in california outside the eisenhower medical center.
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a very somber good morning to you this is a lady much loved particularly in that community. >> reporter: absolutely. they definitely made their home here in the community for decades after the presidency. we should learn more about funeral plans today at a press conference. we expect to hear from family members if not in person through a family spokesperson. a local paper is reporting that those funeral services will be held at st. margaret church right here on tuesday. again, we are still awaiting final confirmation. we should get the confirmation later this afternoon at the press conference. reaction to mrs. ford's death is pouring in from all corners of the country and the world including leaders in our country including president obama. he said quote, last night, as our nation's first lady she was a powerful advocate for women's health and rights. after leaving the white house mrs. ford helped reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction and inspired thousands
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to seek much needed treatment. also george w. bush said the following last night, she made countless contributions to our country and we especially appreciate her courage to calling attention to breast cancer and substance abuse because of her leadership many lives were saved. obviously the betty ford center is located right here on the campus to have eisenhower medical center. it is such a corner stone in the community here. we do expect to hear much more about the details of those funeral services later on this afternoon. >> thank you so much. lawmakers are hard at work in washington on this saturday they're struggling to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. this morning president obama said there will be parts of this deal that will be hard for both political parties to swallow. >> we agree on some of the big things. we agree that after a decade of racking up deficits and debt we need to get our fiscal house in order. we agree that to do that both
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sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. and we agree that we simply cannot afford to default on our national obligations for the first time in our history. >> joining me now nbc news white house correspondent mike. good saturday morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> where does the debate stand today? >> reporter: we are on the verge at the white house in terms of cutting budget, cutting the spending and perhaps even raising the tax or changing the tax code. there could be a grand bargain in the offing on the order of
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some $4 trillion over ten years, over 12 years. a lot of those details are being worked out or it could all go bust. no one wants to see how the market is going to react on monday if this doesn't work out over the weekend. taxes -- looking for savings in those areas. even defense spending. something republicans are loathe to get after. but there is a sense here in washington obviously that something has to be done. the predicate of $14.3 trillion debt in this country. the fact is that republicans have refused to raise that legal debt ceiling unless this kind of dramatic spending is underway and the white house pretty much has bought into that. now the question remains can they agree. is there time to pass this before the august 2nd deadline. kath krathy mcmorris is a republican leader in the house of representatives. she responded earlier today to the president. >> republicans have maintained there can be no increase in the national debt limit unless it's accompanied by sending cuts and reform. to be truly serious these cuts -- there can be no job crushing tax hikes on families
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and small businesses. >> everybody knows where they stand heading into these negotiations over the educational background woo. it was thursday when the president met with the top congressional leadership at the white house. they a agreed that they would work at the staff level. come back sunday night 6:00 with their bottom lines. that's what we're looking for now. >> okay. we'll be look for you again next hour. we want all of you to watch "meet the press" tomorrow, david gregory's guest tim geithner. david will be joined by former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. if it's sunday it's "meet the press." this week's jobs report know that people looking for work the jobs are not there. only 18,000 jobs added in june. the national unemployment rate jumping to 9 ppt 2%. what's this mean going forward? we have a sobering look at the numbers. >> it is a sober look. >> these june jobs numbers the
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in your opinions were expected to show improovmt. they were a huge disappointment. what gives here? >> huge disappointment. we had jobless claims spiraling down. the expectation was that this number was going to be good. some economists revised their forecasts higher. wall street was expecting a gain of 100,000. didn't get that. 18,000 jobs it's almost embarrassing. this is the weakst report since september 2010. not good no matter how you slice it. >> i'm always cooling you missile ver lining girl. anything here? >> there are no redeeming qualities. i have to say if you look at the pick it apart. what's in there that's good? temporary jobs down, even the may revisions were down. it's very disconcerting. these companies are sitting on piles of cash, profit margins are healthy. they're not hiring. it's weak in every sector. you've got 250,000 americans a quarter million americans who have given up looking
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altogether. >> what do these numbers mean for the recovery overall? >> it puts that into question. definitely it affirms the fact that this recovery is going to be slow. it's going to be sluggish. it raises doubts that the economy is going to rebound in the second half of the year. you need growth at 5% to chip away at the unemployment rate at 9.2%. many economists are expecting a rate in the 3% range which would not be enough to kick the economy into high gear. it would be enough to keep unemployment in that range. we need to see job gains of 300,000 a job to kick the economy into high gear. >> this was just -- 18,000, come on. thank you so much. >> thanks, alex. a surprise move by casey anthony just days before she's released from jail. the 25-year-old was acquitted for murder charges earlier this week, but was convicted of lying to police in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee in 2008. let's go live to orlando.
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lilia with a good saturday morning to you. what is this latest development? >> reporter: good morning to you, alex. we are all surprised to hear that casey anthony declined to see her mother. cindy anthony made a request yesterday in the morning to see casey at around 7:00 p.m., but her daughter rejected that request. it's the second time she does it in a few months just before the trial casey anthony said she did not want to see her mother and declined that request. as you might remember, alex, sindny anthony could have potentially faced perjury charges for lying on the stand to save her daughter from what could have been a death sentence. she at one point said she had made these chloroform searches in the come computer just to confuse i guess the jurors and say that it wasn't casey who was making those searches. ultimately casey was saved. but this was a big risk takeen by a mother to save her daughter who does not want to have anything to do with her now. we heard in an interview
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recently by chainy mason one of the defense attorneys that casey anthony has no intention of going back home or seeing any of her family. >> i know you and i spoke object that earlier this week considering all the damage that's been done without that home with family members. what about security, though? when she gets released? you've got to think that's got to be huge? >> reporter: it will be huge. already the local -- all of the local stations are promising live coverage. the date is set for next sunday the 17th. however, authorities over at the jail, over at the orange county corrections administration said that casey anthony will not be released by the front door due to the emotional nature of the case and the public's interest that she could face certain threats-her family we know have already faced more than a dozen death threats. imagine casey. the jurors are being -- they're
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not even identified yet. they're being rejected by restaurants because people are so angry. casey anthony already said by the authorities over at the jail say that casey anthony will not be released by the front door. she's only the second person at that location to be safeguarded and not walk out the front door. the first one was knoll bush, jeb bush's daughter when he was governor. they're taking measures they want to protect her. they understand the public has a heavy emotional interest in the case. >> thank you so much. theme park investigation. a man falls out after a roller coaster and dies. what went wrong there? it's looking like september in most retail chains. the motive behind the early rollout. later on, fight night at fenway, the bench clearing brawl that got really ugly. papi's right there. it's not pretty.
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police in new york state are investigating a death at an musement park. it happened friday at the darien lake resort. the man fell to his death from a roller coast. it reaches speeds of more than 70 miles per hour. >> we are currently investigating the situation with our safety experts and local authorities. mean while the attraction and the surrounding area is closed pending the invest. >> at this time park officials do not know how the man came out of his seat.
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in florida, paum etto expressway is open after a bomb threat. police responded to a suspicious vehicle abandoned friday afternoon. traffic was stopped on the expressway for nearly six hours before the all clear was given. no word if anything hazardous was discovered in that car. casey anthony refused a jailhouse visit from her mother just days after being acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. the jail's log shows casey declined the request from her mom friday, she did accept a visit from her defense team. casey's set to be released next sunday. let's bring in our legal panel to weigh in on this. goshing the two of you. >> good morning. >> i want to go back. we could play the videotape. i'm going to remind our viewers. you were one of the few on this broadcast saying casey anthony is going to be acquitted.
7:18 am
you were right. >> we talked about this. i think this attorney is seemingly bumbling but not. he was throwing a lot of spa getty against the wall to create reasonable doubt and jurors care. i'm in the trechblgs every day. i select juries. really people care about what they're doing when they're in a courtroom. i think it's so aggressive of so many people to be putting these jurors down. they try to really perform their duties properly and they didn't feel that the prosecution made a case beyond reasonable doubt for the standards they were charged. >> the reasonable doubt doubt thing we can get blue in the face. it can be interpreted differently with different jurors. but the recommendations, jay, that you think her attorneys are making to her right now are what. >> number one, she has to start a brand new life. she's been in jail for three years. she doesn't want to deal with her family. she wouldn't take a visit -- >> you think? >> she has no network.
7:19 am
she has no friends. she's despise bid a large population in the united states. she needs to get isolated initially. she probably needs some sort of a therapist to try to help her to adjust. slowly she can get back into mainstream. there may be book deals, film deals, all kinds of other things. she has to slowly adjust if she's going to get back into society. >> there's been so much emotion around the case. the protesters. her safety and security that has to be tantamount to anything before she can consider how to make money and live and with whom shoost going to associate? >> i think he's right. they're going to have to keep her in isolation. i know that the parents have tried to remain in a location that's unidentified because people want to kill her. they believe she harmed her child. >> she got away with murder. >> they do believe that. again, we have to distinguish between the court case and reality. in court they -- the prosecution didn't make their burden.
7:20 am
that's what the jury determined. i think even some of these people, the mob mentality of taking it out on the jurors, the jurors were trying to do the right thing. it's really important that the constitution's upheld. >> i'm curious, what is a lawyer's role here. it seems like it's all over but they're still involved. ? >> this is the thing. we have clients from time to time that are reviled that are hated. as a human being that person is going to go with on with their life. you're wearing the hat of priest of rabbi, psychiatrist, you're trying to get them back in the mainstream. that's not an easy thing. she's been three years in jail isolated. >> she's a pathological liar. >> she was convicted of that. >> she has no friends. as a human being no matter what you think of her, her life has to go on. we often deal with people that are hated. perhaps not to this extent. >> so she takes a meeting with
7:21 am
jose baez because this guy's going to be her best friend look out for her well being, her safety, her security. >> who's been her best friend for the past three years, jose baez and his team. >> the two of you, we'll see you back here in a couple of hours. the greeting after a fan's tragic fall at a baseball game. we have new reaction from the texas rangers. next on msnbc saturday. onight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy
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think it's too early for back to school sales? most retailers don't think so. toys r us are offering pack to school. a backpack and lunchbox sale. others like target or office depot will start sales by sunday. . the national retail federation says the back to school sales bring in $55 billion each year. let's get a personal look at betty ford who died last night at the age of 93. the first lady's openness and candor sparked conversations on breast cancer and substance
7:25 am
abuse. issues that were only spoken about in whispers before. i'm joined by dr. nancy snyderman who knew betty ford very personally. good morning. >> hi, alex. >> tell me about the betty ford you knew in private and what she thought of her very public place in history? >> i met her year ago when i started my life as a young correspondent. i'm from indiana. she's from michigan. she now said that she and her husband were just ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times. i think it is that mid western rootedness of hers that allowed her to survive in the public eye. to transform the office of first lady and really have a public voice with such candor and strength. >> souch candor about things that were hush hush. she talked about mastectomies and her breast cancer, alcoholism, substance abuse all very difficult topics. did she do that with an intent
7:26 am
to change the conversation and open it up in this country? >> at first i'm not so sure it was an intent. she wasn't one who believed in hiding things and pushing things into the closet. in '50s and '60s you didn't talk about your cancer diagnosis. she said this is a disease. she took breast cancer and said he we're need to destigmatize it. i really consider her one of the great leaders of women's health because she took her office in the white house and said, i'm aim activist. i happen to believe in planned parenthood. i have strong daughters. i'm a strong wife. i love my husband. this is the face of america. and she lived that. >> she did. it was interesting to contemplate what the pillow talk might have been like. she was very opposed to some of
7:27 am
the things that her husband stood for. >> she moved a king size bed to the white house. the day of the inauguration a lot of people were saying can you believe that? yes, i sleep with my husband. >> i do and i want to get a good night sleep, thanks. what do you think about the lessons that betty ford would want us to learn from the life that she live snd. >> i think the biggest thing is that even though the betty ford center has become such a lightning rod for celebrity addiction, she was the woman for everyday people. she was a mid werner. she was of common stock. although she left this earth as a first lady and a celebrity, it's to everyday people that she would want to connect. i think that's her great legacy. >> i'm sure the betty ford clinic will miss her presence. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for stopping by. the story behind the latest job numbers. why were the estimates so off the mark? we're going to talk with steve liesman next on msnbc saturday.
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it's msnbc saturday i'm alex witt. wisconsin becomes the 49th state to legalize concealed weapons. yesterday governor scott walker signed that bill which takes effect in november. illinois is the only state that does not allow concealed weapons. a wyoming man is charged with four counts of murder of his three sons and brothers. the man also shot and wounded his wife. he later surrendered to police. on the outskirts of mexico city, police have discovered a grisly scene. the bodies of ten men and women were found shot with high powered rifles. some of the victims were blindfolded and had their hands tied. at the gus paump pumps the average price rose to $3.62 a gallon. five cents more than last week and 90 cents more than a year ago. it's day two in california for the duke and duchess of
7:32 am
cambridge. prince william will be playing polo tonight. last night they attended a reception hosted by the british consulate general in their home. these are your fast five headlines. new fears over the job market after a new report shows hiring at a virtual stand still. the economy added 18,000 jobs in june. the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.2%. experts had pret dikted a gain more along the lines of 90,000 jobs or so. i'm joined by steve liesman. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how could the predictions be so far off? >> we were growing at 2%. that would give you about 100,000 jobs in normal times. plus we've had a bunch of economic data points in the last couple weeks that have been more on the upside. it looked like we were working ourself out of this soft patch. what happened is this jobs report came over and poured a big bucket of cold water on
7:33 am
hopes of a quicker recovery. >> we're going to put up full screens as to show why june was a slow hiring month. the so-called real unemployment rate that's what a lot of people don't talk about that one jumped to 16.2% in june. that includes unemployed, discouraged workers, people work part time. for the economy what does this bode? >> it tells you that there was a slow down and a real -- i think the word you used was right, stand still in hiring that happened in may and june. they went back and revised away 44,000 jobs in the prior two months of that was weaker than we thought. it tells you that all the factors that we thought were weakening the economy, things like turmoil in greece, higher gas prices that all of that had a really profound, more of an impact on the job market than economists thought. >> okay. when it comes to corporate america. which by most estimates is
7:34 am
actually doing well, they may be sitting on boat loads of cash, what is it going to take to get them to say let's hire. >> you're right. they're sitting on a lot of cash. what we're going to be looking for next week is the beginning of earnings season to see if in this slow growth economy companies found a way to make money again. they have been doing relatively well through the lackluster economic expansion. you have a variety of different opinions. people say it's going to take more certainty in regulation. more certainty in knowing about what the future taxation is going to be. that's one thing they say. on the orside it's strictly an economic one. we need more demand. we need to see customers coming in the store to have the confidence to hire people and have the confidence to put more equipment in place. the other thing we see going on is company striving for more productivity. they're favoring machines over man. >> you know, i'm curious if you understand why the president was
7:35 am
talking about the possibility of the debt ceiling talks playing into unemployment and does that make sense to you? >> not in its very narrow form not the way he said it out there. i don't think the debt ceiling talks itself are keeping companies from hiring right now. i think if the debt ceiling were not raised and the u.s. government were to default that would have an important negative impact on the u.s. economy. i don't think that in itself is really hurting. i think the idea that we have large deficits and the companies can't be sure what their future tax bills are going to be. the idea that the corporate tax system is now in flux. it's part of the negotiations between democrats and republicans. that creates some uncertainty. >> you're going to take off here and become a rock star a little bit later on. >> we're doing a benefit for the piermont business council with a bunch of banz all day long. >> that is so often.
7:36 am
>> if the day job doesn't work out for me, i'm hoping this night job pays. >> rock on. thank you. a sad scene at the texas rangers ballpark in arlington. flags at half-staff and players in black ribbons they're showing their grief over the death of shannon stone. the fan who took a fatal fall from the stands on thursday. the 39-year-old firefighter was leaning in to catch a ball thrown by outfielder josh hamilton when he tumbled over a railing right in front of his 6-year-old son. >> somebody would love to have a baseball. when i got it. i found him again and threw it in that direction. hearing that little boy screaming for his daddy after he had fallen and then being home with my kids, it really hit home last night. >> just heartbreaking. rangers' president nolan ryan says she has spoken with stones' widow, she is very worried about
7:37 am
the impact this tragedy is having on her son. major league baseball says it will review the accident. summer in the city. if you're in new york today and visitling times square you're going to see temperatures rise no the mid 80st. let's get a look at the nation's weather picture. good morning to you, alex. the temperatures around the country continue to soar. we had a couple of cool spots yesterday with the rain through the mid-atlantic and northeast. the he's in dallas so impressive. 105 in dallas. 110 in phoenix. dallas was close to that. once again nothing is going to change. the same areas are going to continue to be hot. if anything the heat's going to spread. in the yellow is heat advisories spreading up through kansas city almost into st. louis through colombia, shreveport. in the memphis area you're under an extensive heat watch. how hot will it get today in 103
7:38 am
in dallas. 102 in oklahoma city that continues a long string of 100 degree heat. in little rock and memphis, the humidity is going to be up. today and tomorrow we're going to watch the excessive heat with the humidity that's where the heat index comes into play. heat index of 105 to 110 around little rock and memphis. look at jackson and birmingham right behind down there in the deep south. your saturday forecast areas in green a slight chance of rain. the areas from main through the mid-atlantic that rain is just about gone if not completely gone. showers and storms in florida. the northern plains some likelihood of thunderstorms. i don't think anyone can going to be washed out. if anything you want to be in the cool. >> many thanks. this morning the astronauts aboard the space shuttle "atlantis" are headed for the international space station. the crew got a wake up call with music from cold play and some good wishes from the wake up
7:39 am
crew. we have more on the last mission. >> for the last time with "atlantis" on pad 39-a, a farewell from the ground teams who have spent 30 years launching shuttle missions. >> on behalf of the greatest team in the world, good luck to you and your crew on the final flight of this true american icon. >> one more time. >> liftoff, the final liftoff of "atlantis." >> at 11:29 eastern time, the 135th shuttle mission thundered off the florida coast on a resupply mission to the space station. while on the ground three quarters of a million people gathered to witness history. >> wish them godspeed. i'm so proud and happy so have seen them go out. >> but controversy continues to rage within nasa and its alumni rankst ranks over whether america is surrendering its position as the space leader by
7:40 am
ending the shuttle program bafr there's a spacecraft to replace it. >> i will tell you that i think we're looking at a lost decade. a lost decade in space? >> that's what i think. >> it couldn't be farther from the truth. america has a bright future in space. president obama has committed this nation to moving further to an asteroid and beyond to mars. >> some 9,000 people at the kennedy space center are losing their jobs. among them this man who has worked on every mission dating back to 1979. >> i'm not going to be able to say that anymore. but i can always say i did. and that they can't take from me. >> to make up for the $60,000 income he's losing he's starting an ecotourism business. meanwhile as "atlantis" races for the space station, its ground crew offered a poetic albeit silent good-bye. it's a 12-day mission commander
7:41 am
chris ferguson promises a special tribute from space for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been a part of the program, but he won't say what that tribute will be. the launch team had a special district. jimmy buffett performed for them after the shuttle had cleared the tower. >> at the old ball yard in boston it was a swing and a miss again and and again. david ortiz of the red sox tangling with kevin greg of the baltimore orioles. they exchanged a few punches. they were both ejected from the game. it was the second time in tining that both benches cleared. nothing really happened. just some sore feelings. you're watching msnbc saturday.  whoa.
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tangling with kevin greg of the
7:44 am
a massachusetts ice cream man is facing a fine because the police in his hometown don't
7:45 am
think his truck's music is so sweet. he was issued a noise violation last month after he parked his truck outside a high school graduation. he plans on fighting the fine. his words, do they want me to put my head outside the door and scream ice cream? it's funny. tomorrow at the white house, the president will sit down with the top political leaders from both parties to try to hammer out a deal on raising the debt ceiling. but following thursday's meeting it is still clear there's plenty negotiating ahead. >> there is no agreement in private or in public and as the president said yes yesterday, we were this far apart. it's not like there's some eminent deal about to happen. there are serious disagreements about how to deal with this very serious problem. >> joining me now politico's deputy congressional editor. good morning. >> good morning. >> can you put into perspective for me how farther apart and what does this mean when you
7:46 am
have your hands spread apart. could they reach any sort of a deal tomorrow or is that impossible to expect? >> i don't think many people are expecting obama to come out tomorrow with john boehner and say we've reached a $4 trillion deal. that seems pretty unlikely. even if they did reach a deal, they would have to go and harry reid and john boehner wuf to take it back to their respective houses and sell it to their conferences. so it's sort of unlikely. but aside from that, we know they're very far apart. we're watching democrats stand firm on entitlements and we're watching republicans say no new taxes at all. no tax revenues at all. so when you have both sides standing pretty firm on their lines, we're just seeing two parties that are very far apart. >> okay. how about the latest job figures which were dismal at best. does that give any sort of
7:47 am
lempbl or ammunition from the gop against the president during these crucial negotiations? >> well, each side is going to use that as evidence to make their own case. in a way it doesn't necessarily tip the scales for either party. i think the real issue is going to be can you get a grand deal which is what obama has said he wants. he wants a megadeal. not just a deal that buys him some time or buys until next year. he wants a multitrillion dollar deal. and can they find a trillion dollars in revenues that will satisfy republicans? it's unclear how they're going to get there. >> in the meantime, is this a game of political chicken where we are going all the way up to the end as we've seen before in washington. you've got the august 2nd deadline. are we going to get up to
7:48 am
midnight on that deadline day it's going to be who blinks first? >> it might be. i think both sides have said they don't want that to happen this time. they don't want to see this starting to have effects in narcotics. so they would like to have a deal by late july to offset that. but both sides have said they're really far apart. there's no -- there isn't too much indication we're going to see a deal come out really fast. >> okay. well deputy congressional editor for politico, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> the debt ceiling talks will be on the table this sunday when timothy geithner appears on "meet the press." check your local listings. packing heat. nearly every state now allows you to carry a concealed weapon. one state has decided to let you carry a gun into a bar, a restaurant, a stadium, so what do people think about that? i know what i think. we're going to share that on msnbc saturday.
7:49 am
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cheating spouses in new jersey better watch out. an appeals court has ruled that placing a gps tracking device in a family car does not constitute an invasion of privacy. some married people in the state say they agree with the court's decision. >> in new jersey, they need it. they need it because here in new jersey there's a lot of cheating. >> shame to come to that that people are so wary that they resort to those types of tactics. >> well, it steps from a lawsuit by a man whose wife divorce the him from cheating after she put the tracking device on his car to track his whereabouts. sdmrimpl there's a law in ohio that allows gun owners to carry consealed weapons into bars. the law does allow businesses to ban guns for safety reasons. joining me now reginald. reggie, good morning to you. >> emgood morning, alex. how are you? >> i'm fine, thanks, but i got to get my head around this gun
7:53 am
law. it doesn't seem like it makes a lot of sense. are you kidding me? you can take a gun into a bar or a stadium where they're serving beer, any kind of alcohol. really? even though you're supposed to not drink anything? how are you going to try to impose the law? >> that is the biggest concern from those who have opposed this particular bill, which is soon to become an effective law here. it's how do you enforce it? there are restrictions. i mean, it should be noted that most states have some form of consealed carry and restaurants or different places like that, but ohio's law is going to be quite different in that it would be far more comprehensive. fewer restrictions than maybe what you would see in other states, and the biggest opposition has come from law enforcement here in the state of ohio who are concerned with how do you enforce something like that? how will you know that the person sitting there who may be
7:54 am
intoxicated or drinking is not carrying a consealed weapon? >> right. you'll enforce it after the fact, because those can be, you know, crimes of passion kind of thing. >> the cleveland browns are both saying no guns in our stadium. are there other businesses that are coming out and saying not in our place either? >> i think what you'll find is that many -- already the ohio restaurants association and lobbying groups that represent bars and bar tenders oppose this particular law, and already i know that they're advising their clients to post a sign, which would allow you to circumvent lawsuit. you post a sign that said no firearms or no guns are allowed, and right now they're saying that most -- they expect most of their clients to post this sign.
7:55 am
the concern, however, for a lot of these restaurants and different bars is they're afraid of running away business. just maybe one -- but the neighboring one next door does not, so there is a concern that if there is not uniformity in terms of posting the sign, will that maybe drive business elsewhere? >> i'm just curious about the person who wants to go drink and carry the gun. i mean, it's just sort of weird. anyway, the reaction from residents has been what because this law went into effect last weekend. >> well, it was signed last week, but it wasn't an emergency clause associated with it, so there's like a 90 day period before it becomes effective. the law will actually become effect ti probably -- i believe it's at the end of september. surely this is one of the most talked about new laws that starts coming in and people -- it just depends on which side of the gun rights issue you may be on, and, you know, there's no
7:56 am
shortage of opinion and people who want to talk about this very law. you know, it's people that are concerned if they're sitting in a restaurant with their families and now all of a sudden they may be sitting next to someone who has a firearm. that's something that they absolutely did not want. on the other hand, you know, those who are gun rights supporters will tell you that criminals already have guns in bars and different places anyhow, so now they see that it's a personal safety issue. now they're armed as well. >> well, it's interesting the reaction. i can tell you when it crossed the wires and we heard about it here with my team, we all looked at each other and said we're so talking about this. get reggie fields on the line. we're going to talk about this for sure. >> for sure. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. the day's top stories are coming your way in just a moment. also, we'll have more fallout from a phone hacking scandal that's forced a london tabloid to shut down for good. music makers are rejoicing with a sudden spike in sales. why are people buying more music? vera gibbons will fill us in on
7:57 am
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